12 Lies

Intro:  You’re dealing with a generation that thinks of lies as a despicable thing.  it’s very difficult to get them to even admit they told even one lie their entire lifetime.  This exercise is designed to give them permission to be silly, to have fun, to tell a tall tale and have it be ok.


Today we are going to start with some lists:

1.    Your favorite cartoon character on Radio, T.V. or in the Newspaper  


 2.    Your favorite fruit _____________________

 3.    Your favorite vegetable ________________

 4.    Your favorite kind of fish to see at the aquarium:  


 5.    Your favorite game ____________________ 

 6.    Your favorite animal ___________________ 

 7.    Where did you last see that animal?  ______________________________________________

 8.    Your favorite movie star?  ______________________________________________

 9.    Your favorite singer? ______________________________________________

 10. Your favorite brand if cigarettes or one you can remember?_______________________


Lies:   We’re going to tell lies using items #1 – #10.  Copy the numbered responses on page one into the story below and then write your own ending and don’t forget to lie.

Using your items on page one, fill in the blanks below:


I live in the middle of  (#7)_____________________, and I love it here.  When the

 moon rises looking like a (#2)_________________________, I lean back in my

 (#3)_____________________________ chair and close my eyes.  It begins to rain

 (#6)_______________________s and (#4)____________________________.

 It’s dangerous out here.  If (#1) ______________________________

 were here he/she would take of this problem by _______________________





 The End

Story #2

The (#3)_____________________________s are out in the

(#7)_________________________________  playing another game of

(#5)_________________________________.  The one who looks like

(#8)________________________________ is smoking a

(#10)___________________________  and complaining the other

(#3)________________________, who is a dead ringer

for (#1)__________________________ is cheating.  They each grab

a (#4) ____________________________ who happens to be swimming by and

start beating each other over the head.  I call animal control and they send

(#9)____________________________and (#8) __________________________

out in a little white truck and he/she

restores the peace by _____________________________________________





The End

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