14 Feelings/Colors/Spices


Start with boxes of crayons.  Ask each person to think how they feel right now and then pick a color that best describes that feeling.  Ask them to right the name of the feeling with that crayon and then add the name of the color next to it.

Next ask each person to think of a happy time and what color that would be.  Have each write that feeling and color name under the first.

Continue with 3 or 4 more feelings and have them choose colors.  Possibilities:

Anger, Sadness, Afraid, Giddy, Affectionate, Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey, and any other of the Seven Dwarves.

If you have time, ask them to add name of a spice to each pair of color/feelings.  So you might get, anger/red/cinnamon or, afraid/orange/garlic powder.  (a list of spices may be useful).

Next, have them think of where they went to grade school and what recess was like.  Did they remember the playground?  What do they remember about that school?  Is there a specific teacher they remember.  What problems did they have there?

Have them choose colors and write down, Playground, a feeling and the name of the color.  Next the name of a teacher or friend, a feeling and the color name.

Then have them refer back to the feelings above and ask them to compare a feeling with something that happened at their grade school.

Hand out pre-written fill-in pages with lines like:

At my Grade School, I was _____________ (feeling) and __________________ (color)

when I was with ____________________________________ (Person you knew)

at the  ___________________________________________ (place in the school)

because ___________________________________________________________




Next ask the group to switch settings.  We’re going to remember another time in their life.  Possibilities are:


Getting their first car

Their first wedding

A memorable birthday party

Their first time in love

The best Hamburger they ever had


Their first funeral

A divorce

Getting fired from a job

Children moving out of their house

A difficult pregnancy

Ask them to choose 1 each from A and B.  If they don’t like the choices, then they can write in one time when they felt good and one that felt not so good.

Optional:  Tell the group they have to use the same color as they used for the grade school paragraph.

Now have them write again except instead of ‘grade school’ they need to fill in one of the options from A or B.

At/When ________________________________, I was _____________ (feeling)

and __________________ (color)

When I was with ____________________________________ (Person you knew)

at the  ___________________________________________ (place of the event)

because ___________________________________________________________




When they are finished, ask them to read aloud what they’ve written.  Except before they read, ask them to go back to the grade school paragraph and the last paragraph they’ve just written and cross out the name of the feeling in the first line.

So if they said “At my grade school, I was afraid and orange”  they would instead say “At my grade school I was orange”  Then have them read it again and instead of saying orange, ask them to add the name of the spice they’ve chosen in part 1. Or “At my grade school I was orange garlic powder.”

You can record the colors and spices on a white board as they read them for everyone to see and compare.  Ask if anyone wants to read their paragraph with someone else’s color and spice names.

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