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orange bridgeOn April 15th at 7 p.m. at In Other Words (corner of N. Killingsworth and Williams), we will celebrate the poetry of the Orange line light rail route to Milwauke from PSU.  We will have 12 poets on hand to read all of the lines as they appear in concrete sidewalks along the route.  Also on hand will be representatives from Tri-met to talk about the overall project.  This event is a collaboration with Peg and Buster, the artists who created and made this project happen, Tri-met and Figures of Speech.  Note:  there will not be an open mic for this event.


ORANGE LINING is a two-phase public art project created by Buster Simpson and Peg Butler for TriMet’s new Portland–Milwaukie Light Rail (PMLR) Transit Project.

In the spring of 2012, the artists drew upon Portland’s ethos of civic engagement and creativity by announcing a public call for short lines of text (fifty characters or less). They received 1100 submissions and chose 102 of them for use in the project through a blind juried selection process.

For Phase One of Orange Lining, Art Starts Now, orange silt fencing was utilized as the surface for publishing the poetic works solicited from the public, creating a dual function for this utilitarian material. In Phase Two of the project, Impressed Concrete, the selected lines of text are stamped into the fresh concrete of new sidewalks installed along the light rail line. The intention of both phases of the project is to work with common construction materials and the skilled trades people responsible for building the light rail transit system.

Orange Lining works on multiple levels—visual, conceptual and poetic. It is a collaborative adventure that enables an ephemeral yet utilitarian process to evolve and transform into a permanent element of transit infrastructure. The progression of the project is legible and transparent to allow for the serendipity that can lead to an authentic, well-loved urban streetscape. It engages and informs the public, the artist, and the laborer, becoming a visible legacy to be read (and re-read) over time as people travel to and from the light rail stations.


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